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Friends of Shames

My Mountain Co-op is raising $2 Million by April 30th, 2011 to make a bid to purchase Shames Mountain Ski Area in the North Coast Mountains of BC.

Buy your membership today.  Inform your community.


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Shames Mountain


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skiing in canada

Ski mountaineering, ski touring, skiing for turns, tree skiing; the Coastal Mountains have it all. The central theme is lots of powder snow in the winter months of December to February and corn snow in the spring. The annual snow fall here is up to 50 feet. We are located in the north west of the Canadian Coastal Mountains and we receive deep reliable snow and warmer temperatures than the interior Mountains. This combines to form a generally stable snow pack. The average snowfall is about 12 m at an elevation of only 1000 meters. At higher elevations 15 – 20 m are common, with a typical snow pack in the alpine of 4-6 m. We are surrounded by terrain suitable for all levels of skiers and boarders. Beautiful steep and gentle slopes and varieties of runs are easily accessible from the Ski resort Shames Mountain nearby for shorter days or poor visibility.

Shames Mountain’s terrain leasehold is 7,800 acres, only 225 of which are patrolled-this means backcountry options are truly endless. Backcountry travel open up their whole new world of adventure. There’s nothing like exploring seemingly endless terrain filled with an abundance of untracked powder, adventure and challenge.

Venturing into the backcountry can be a transformational experience and thousands of people are figuring that out. Backcountry snow travel has become exponentially popular over the last few years, especially as more ski areas open their boundaries to allow access to terrain that goes on as far as the adventurer is willing to travel. Welcome to the land of the steep and deep!

Many peaks are accessible for those who wish to explore or see the area from up high and a huge variety of open bowls, steep slopes and tree skiing is reachable by a one or multiple day trips.